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Tenerife Spain

  • Emma

What we look for when seeking the best reputable weed coffee shop, cannabis social club in Tenerife.

So what makes a good Weed club?

Ok, so! For us, It’s simple, we've been in so many cannabis clubs throughout Spain. We have a checklist of what we think makes a good, reputable club. Anything else will more than likely be closed by the time you take your next vacation for not following the, “private code” so to speak. So here goes. Our checklist that enables us to decide whether we should work WITH a club, or NOT. After all, there’s plenty to choose from.

1) The Weed!

Lets face it, the top thing on all of our list is, I’m sure you’ll all agree is, THE HERB.

First of all is there a good selection? Have they got a bit of all sorts, or have they just got 6 herbs and 1 hash? No good! Next is QUALITY. We know our stuff, if you say that’s og kush, and it smells like lemon?? I’m going to give you some funny looks! We stick our eyes and noses in everything! If its good quality well then move to. Last but not least, is, HOW MUCH is the contributions. The spanish way is just that, contribute to the upkeep of the club and receive free herb :/ If the contributions are similar to Amsterdam, well there's a club just round the corner that knows how to do things, and we're off. Same herb, in most cases better quality at normal Spanish prices. You'll be surprised. So this is how we determine a tourist trap. Provided these pass the test, we’ll then make a contribution and get some herb, sit down, and roll a fat one.

2) The environment

Well as long as the herb is good you don’t have to stay, you can just grab and go (in your underwear). But then why did you pay a years membership? We want you to stay and feel comfortable. So we look for: Is the place clean, is it comfortable? Has it got character, soul, has it got a heart, or even a theme? Is there a social area (of course there is it’s Spain) but what’s also important is having somewhere to get some peace and quiet, if you prefer to be left alone to just “chill”. Are there any games to play? What’s the music like, is it fitting to a cannabis club? Is it at the right volume so you don’t have to shout to the person sitting next to you? Air conditioning? Too smokey? No ventilation? These are all the things we think about when seeking out the best of the best environment for us and you.

3) The People

What are the regular visitors like? It’s just takes one idiot to ruin it, does he/she stay long? What are the staff like, are they friendly enough? This is Spain so don’t expect too much, friendly enough is great. Slightly rude is ..not for us, or you.

4) The Music & Ambiance...

...is important. Sometimes after you’ve just woken up (as you do), you´re in need of a wake n bake. So we have breakfast, shower etc... Then we make our way to the club for opening time... ish - well I do anyway Usually 11am for most clubs. Only to find they’ve got techno pounding away at 11.30am. Matter of opinion sure, but I can’t handle techno while I’m trying to have my morning coffee and spliff and soon have to move on and find somewhere more “chilled.” We think a Cannabis club should be chilled, maybe some deep house music or tropical beach house at the most (cheesy I know, but you get the idea right?) hip hop, reggae, i don´t know. But normally we like a nice, clean, fairly peaceful environment where we can relax and enjoy the smoke.

Have a good day.